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Online Donations and Payments - Anytime, Anywhere

  • On average, Catholics tithe less than 1% to their parish. We believe God is calling us to much more!

    With eCatholic Payments, we're transforming the way Catholics give - both the tools and the mentality. Through easy, convenient, and automated online payments, parishes can help Catholics give more...more often.

    And by increasing tithing and saving time, parishes will be able to more effectively evangelize and catechize - and thus save more souls!

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  • One-Time & Recurring Donations

    We've simplified the tithing process to increase consistent giving through one-time and recurring donations.

  • Payments for Events, Registrations & More

    Spend more time on your mission and less time tracking down payments for events, registrations, and more.

Beautiful and Mobile

  • Clean and Simple

    Online payments have never been more beautiful. Our payment forms are clean, simple, and provide a smooth experience for your visitors.

  • Integrated and Seamless

    Keep visitors on your website. All payment forms are integrated into your eCatholic website, creating a seamless payment process.

  • Mobile-Friendly

    All payment forms are mobile responsive, so visitors can make payments anytime, anywhere - regardless of device.

Quick, Easy, and Secure

  • Quick Start

    Signing up for eCatholic Payments is quick and easy. No hoops to jump through.

  • Drag-and-Drop Creation

    Creating payment forms on your website is as easy as drag-and-drop.

  • Rapid Funding

    Card payments are typically deposited into your bank account within 48 hours.

  • Security

    Sleep well knowing that all payments are transmitted and stored safely and securely.


  • Flexible Payment Methods

    For each payment form, choose to accept bank account transfers (ACH), credit/debit card payments, or both.

  • One-Time and Recurring

    Offer one-time or recurring payments (or both) to meet your specific needs with each payment form you create.

  • Unlimited Payment Forms

    Create as many payment forms as you need on your site and then track payments made through each.

Manage Transactions & Detailed Reporting

  • Search and Filter

    Search and filter transactions based on a date range, accounts, payment methods, and much more.

  • Manage Transactions

    View complete details for all transactions and perform full or partial refunds as needed.

  • Unlimited Reporting

    Run unlimited reports for accounts and subaccounts based on transaction dates or settlement dates.

  • CSV & PDF Exports

    Export data as a CSV file to import into your member management or accounting software, or print PDF reports.