Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions - and answers - about eCatholic Payments

General Questionslink

What is eCatholic Payments?link

eCatholic Payments is a quick and easy way for Catholic parishes, dioceses, schools, and ministries to accept online donations and payments - anytime, anywhere. Visitors can make one-time or recurring donations, as well as submit payments for events, registrations, tuition, and more - all without ever leaving the website.

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Can I use eCatholic Payments for events, registrations, faith formation, tuition, and other payment-related activities?link

Absolutely! eCatholic Payments integrates with your online forms on your eCatholic website, so you can accept payments for events, registrations, tuition, and more. And it's all one seamless experience for your visitors.

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Can visitors make payments from their smartphone or tablet?link

Yes, eCatholic Payments is mobile-responsive, just like your eCatholic website, so visitors can make donations or payments anytime, anywhere.

Can I use eCatholic Payments if I don't have an eCatholic website?link

One of the great benefits of eCatholic Payments is that it is all integrated into your eCatholic website, so your visitors never have to leave your website. This provides a more seamless and trusting experience for them, which leads to more donations and payments for you! So in order to use eCatholic Payments, you'll first need a beautiful, mobile-friendly eCatholic website.

What is the process for signing up for eCatholic Payments?link

Signing up for eCatholic Payments is quick and easy:

Get Started with eCatholic Payments

After signing up for eCatholic Payments, you'll then be directed to sign up for your merchant account with BluePay. Through our partnership with BluePay, we've created a simple, short form that allows you to sign up for your merchant account in just a couple of minutes.

To sign up for eCatholic Payments and for your merchant account with BluePay, you'll need the routing number and account number for the bank account that you want to use for deposits and the fees associated with eCatholic Payments.

How long does it take for eCatholic Payments to be enabled on my website after I sign up?link

The approval and set up of your BluePay merchant account typically takes 24-48 hours (business days). Once your merchant account is ready to go, we can configure your website in a few minutes and then you'll be ready to start accepting online donations and payments through your eCatholic website.

Pricing Questionslink

What are the price and fees for using eCatholic Payments?link

We believe pricing should be simple, clear, and cost-effective. We've partnered with BluePay to be able to provide you with exclusive low pricing for credit/debit card processing and bank account transfers (ACH). Here's a pricing breakdown:

No set-up or hidden fees. Just 1% per transaction.

For your merchant account, you'll pay only $20 per month. This price includes an annual PCI compliance fee, IRS regulatory fees, gateway fees, and customer support. Transactions fees vary depending on the method of payment:

  • Bank Account Transfers (ACH) - 0% + 35¢
  • Debit Cards - approximately 0.7% + 30¢
  • Credit Cards - approximately 2.1% + 20¢

Simple examples:

  • For a $100 donation/payment via a bank account transfer (ACH), you'll pay eCatholic $1 and the transaction fees through BluePay will be $0.35.
  • For a $100 donation/payment via a debit card, you'll pay eCatholic $1 and the transaction fees through BluePay will be around $1.00.
  • For a $100 donation/payment via a credit card, you'll pay eCatholic $1 and the transaction fees through BluePay will be around $2.30.

Are there any long-term contracts associated with eCatholic Payments?link

No, there are no long-term contracts for eCatholic Payments or with BluePay. You can cancel at any time.

When do fees get billed and how will they show up in our bank account?link

Transaction fees are NOT withdrawn at the time that daily deposits are made into your bank account. Instead, transaction fees are grouped together and charged once a month.

The processing fees and monthly service fee from BluePay will be automatically debited from your bank account once a month. The monthly service fee and credit card fees will appear as one line item labeled "MTOT" and the fees related to bank account transfers (ACH) will appear as a separate line item labeled "BluePay".

The 1% fee for eCatholic Payments will be processed once a month around the 1st of the month and will appear as one line item labeled "eCatholic Sheenomo" on your bank statement. We'll also email you a sales receipt at that time.

Processing Questionslink

What is a merchant account?link

In order to accept online donations and payments, you need the following:

  1. An easy way for visitors to provide their credit card or banking information.
  2. A way to process transactions and transfer money from the visitor's account into your bank account.

eCatholic Payments provides number one.

For number two, you'll need a merchant account that handles the validation and processing of the transactions, as well as the storage of the transactional information. For eCatholic Payments, we've partnered with BluePay to provide you with a merchant account with exclusive low pricing for credit card processing and bank account transfers (ACH).

Can I use my existing merchant account if I already have one?link

No, in order to use eCatholic Payments, you'll need to set-up a new merchant account through our partnership with BluePay. Don't worry, it's quick and simple and part of the sign-up process for eCatholic Payments.

How quickly does money get deposited in our bank account?link

Payments made via credit and debit cards are typically deposited into your bank account within 48 hours. Payments made via eCheck (bank account transfers) usually take about 5-6 days to be deposited into your bank account.

Can we use a card reader with a mobile device with eCatholic Payments?link

BluePay, our merchant account partner, offers a mobile card reader that can be used with tablets and smartphones. For more information, give us a call.

Security Questionslink

Are transactions on my website secure?link

Absolutely! When your website visitors view a page that includes eCatholic Payments, the page is served up using 256-bit encryption, which means that the page loads using HTTPS. This way, the visitor's sensitive financial information is securely transmitted throughout the payment process.

Do we need to purchase an SSL certificate to use eCatholic Payments?link

No, we've got you covered!

When accepting online donations and payments through your website, you would typically have to purchase and install an SSL certificate for your domain name. SSL certificates usually cost around $100 per year.

However, with eCatholic Payments, you don't need to hassle with purchasing and installing an SSL certificate for your domain name because we've already built in the encryption for you. When a visitor to your website views a page that is using eCatholic Payments, the page is automatically loaded using our SSL certificate.

In case you're wondering, here's how the magic happens...

  1. A visitor comes to your website using your domain name, for example,
  2. The visitor then visits a page on your website that is using eCatholic Payments and the page is automatically loaded using HTTPS at a secure "" URL. For example, if the page is called "Online Giving", the secure URL in this example would be
  3. Then, when the visitor visits another page on your website that is not using eCatholic Payments, the URL is automatically switched back to your default domain name (ie,

What is PCI Compliance?link

PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry" and PCI Compliance is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all organizations that process, store, or transmit credit card information do so under the tightest controls and security possible in order to reduce the potential for fraud. All organizations with a merchant account are required to be PCI Compliant. When you sign up for eCatholic Payments, you will sign up for a merchant account with BluePay and you will therefore be required to maintain PCI Compliance.

To become and remain PCI Compliant, you must complete an online PCI Compliance questionnaire once a year stating that you are following all relevant PCI Compliance guidelines. We've created a tutorial to walk you through the survey: ControlScan PCI Questionnaire Tutorial.

There are also yearly fees (around $100) that must be paid to the company that provides the annual PCI Compliance questionnaire survey (ControlScan). These fees, along with an annual IRS Regulatory Fee (around $60) are covered as part of the $20 Monthly Service Fee that you pay to BluePay.

You have 90 days from the time that you sign up for eCatholic Payments to complete your PCI Compliance questionnaire survey as outlined above, and then the survey must be resubmitted annually thereafter. A monthly PCI non-compliance fee of $19.95 is assessed to any organization with a merchant account that is not PCI Compliant until they become PCI Compliant.

Are eCatholic and BluePay PCI Compliant?link

Yes, as the software provider that makes online donations and payments possible through your website, eCatholic is PCI Compliant.

Yes, BluePay, the company that we've partnered with to handle the processing and storage of the transactions made through eCatholic Payments on your website, is LEVEL 1 PCI Certified (the highest possible level of PCI Compliance).

Other Questionslink

Can I export transactions processed through eCatholic Payments?link

Yes! You can easily search and filter transactions by a variety of options and then download the results as a CSV file. You can then use the CSV file to import the transactions into your member management software and/or accounting software, assuming your software allows for CSV imports.

Is there a charge for running reports or downloading CSV files?link

No, all reporting and exporting of CSV files is included in our pricing.

Still have Questions?link

Have a question that we didn't cover here? Email us at or call us at 877-932-1776 ext 7.