Embracing New Media

As Catholics, we have the greatest story ever told. And although the message has not changed throughout history, the means with which we deliver it has – and must.

God has always used the latest and greatest mediums to spread His message of love. First, it was spoken. Then, it was written. Next, it was translated. Then, it was printed. It has been read in books, heard on radio, and seen on television.

Today, we have the technology to spread this message of love in ways never before imagined. We can reach exponentially more people in a fraction of the time.

How? Through the use of New Media.

Examples of New Media include the internet, websites, blogs, podcasts, on-demand video, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other forms for digital communication. The challenge of the New Evangelization is for us, as Catholics, to embrace New Media and use it to spread our faith.

At eCatholic, our mission has always been to embrace John Paul II’s call for a New Evangelization by providing Catholic parishes, schools, and ministries with beautiful websites that are easy to update – all at a ministry price.

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God bless,

Josh Simmons
eCatholic founder

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